NASA’s Robotics Alliance Project

“our growing efforts to bring together students, engineers, private organizations and other government resources to pursue the goal of increasing robotics expertise in the U.S.

The ultimate objective of NASA’s Robotics Alliance Project is to expand the national resource of experienced, talented robotics experts that are available to develop future robotics systems needed by NASA and support the national investment in the robotics market. In part, this is done by supporting a series of robotics competition programs that inspire students to become involved with technical fields, facilitating robotics curriculum enhancements at all educational levels, and developing a national clearinghouse for robotics education and career resources.”

Be sure to look at the Education Matrix

Some interesting challenges:
Line follow:

4-Can challenge:

Line running:

Sumo bots:


One response to “NASA’s Robotics Alliance Project

  1. This is a robotics platform designed for universities to display their robotics videos and photos to the industry and public. Included are top robotics labs such as MIT, CMU, Oxford, ANU, Cambridge, and many German, Canadian and Asian Universities.

    Visit to see these projects.

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