Why Choose CSE videos from U of Washington – VERY good!


Why do undergraduate students, graduate students, and faculty choose computer science & engineering as their field? What takes place during a day in the life of a CSE alum working in the software or Internet industry?

Three videos from University of Washington Computer Science & Engineering address these questions. Take a look! Get a taste of what CSE holds in store for you! Learn more about this exciting field!

Laser Tag on a Brick


Laser Tag on a Brick is a genius idea to combine the LEGO RCX “intelligent” brick, and the concept of Quaser, Megazone, Ultrazone etc to make an unbeatable, scalable, flexable system.
Laser Tag on a Brick (LTOAB) brings an unprecedented way to expand the already vast capabilities of the LEGO Mindstorms system.
The entire system is based around the RCX programmable brick. This is the heart of every pack. It is the only thing that need be standard.
Anything else can be built around it. As long as it is possible to “see” the IR beams from the RCX with the LEGO Mindstorms tower, you can build your own case of whatever design you want.