Mike Dawson’s Game Programming Site


Over 145 million Americans play computer and video games because it’s an absolute blast. So what could be more rewarding than playing games? Taking your gaming passion to the next level by creating your own, of course.

Mike Dawson, author of multiple books on games and programming, teaches game programming classes for students of all ages.

Check out the gallery to see what you might accomplish, even if you’ve never written a single line of code before.


One response to “Mike Dawson’s Game Programming Site

  1. Hi, I’ve really been enjoying your “Beginning C++ through Game Programming” book. So much so that my wife is now interested in learning as well, but she is primarily a Japanese speaker and wondered if you had a version of it in Japanese? You cover the topics SO much better than other books I’ve read. If you have a Japanese version or can recommend one that is as fun and comprehensive as yours in that language we would appreciate it. Thanks!

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