New Datalogging NXT-G Block

A simple to use datalogging block. Nothing fancy – it create a file on your NXT (a BINARY file, meaning it saves ALOT of space compared to regular File Access Block) and writes up to 4 inputs. Each “record” is prefixed with a 1 byte “header” that tells the local machine later how many bytes each input took in the file. The ‘Upload’ button is used to load and decode the datalog file into a regular comma-delimited file you can open in e.g. Microsoft Excel.


Jeroo is an effective, award winning, classroom-tested tool that helps novices learn fundamental concepts of object-oriented programming, including

* Instantiating and using objects
* Writing methods to extend behavior
* Selecting and using fundamental control structures

Jeroo engages students with

* Story telling
* Animated execution
* Simultaneous code highlighting

Also, some lessons:

How to Use Jeroo for Java in your Pre AP CS classroom