Teaching children computer programming by using scratch


Provides the best resources (including a lesson plan from Harvard) for learning Scratch and teach Scratch. Scratch is a programming language developed at MIT to teach kids programming. They use drag and drop instead of typing commands. The children can easily make videogrames by programming scratch. For example, there is a videogame of Harry Potter and his friends at Hogwarts playing quidditch. For younger children, they can make a Star Wars “movie” of Yoda battling Darth Vader. It is suitable for elementary school kids. It is also used in junior high and high schools. Most notably, it is used in the introduction to computer programming course at Harvard University.

This list was compiled by going through the 150+ thread on the forum for educators at the scratch website.


One response to “Teaching children computer programming by using scratch

  1. I live in the NY/CT area and am looking for a computer programming class for my 13 year old son. He is unable to go over the summer so I am looking for something starting in the fall. Can you recommend any programming classes?

    Thank you,

    Julie Gans

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