Project for beginning Web site creator

A co-worker came up with this suggestion for an intern of his. It’s a great idea for a budding Web site developer.

I thought the process of learning XHTML might be a little more fun if you weren’t just reading a book. To fight the tediousness, I have come up with a little project that should help you grasp XHTML/CSS and perhaps be beneficial to you in the future. The goal is for you to create your own personal website. A place where you can put some information about you, your resume, and some pictures. While creating this site, use a text editor.  Using a text editor will help you understand what is going on and how websites actually work.

Your site should include the following:

At least three pages that are linked together. (Home page, Resume, Pictures, etc…)
It should use an external CSS to change the presentation of the site. (What’s the difference between an external stylesheet and an inline one?)
Add color to your site
Put in a background picture
Anything else you’d like to try
You should include the following XHTML elements:
Line Breaks
Formatting (bold, italics, etc..) with both HTML and CSS. (Why is CSS better?)
Horizontal Rule
Your site should be valid XHTML 1.0 Transitional. (Check markup at <>

I’ve also found a couple sites that may do a more concise job of explaining HTML to you. I’d recommend checking these out. HTML Tutorial
<> XHTML Tutorial
<> HTML Tutorial
<> CSS Tutorial

Remember to have fun and not get overwhelmed. 🙂