Some interesting Game Maker links

We are looking to teach Game Maker again this year. I did some more searching and found:

1. – The Beginers Guide To Game Maker 7.0 Programing

2. – Super Mario example game

3. – ideas for adding to the example maze game

4. – lots of video tutorials for Gamemaker 7, includes code

5. – a great page with lots of ideas for adding features to some common Game Maker examples like the Catch a Clown game, Maze Game and Platform Game

Modeling of physical systems with PyLab

PyLab_Works is a free and open source replacement for LabView + MatLab, written in pure Python. PyLab_Works is a visual design package, much easier to learn and to extend than LabView. PyLab_Works also supports a MatLab-like environment for doing scientific and engineering calculations but with a much better general programming environment (thanks to Python + Scipy) than MatLab. Even kids can use it!

It’s available at Here’s a video about it

The part I like the best is where they use Python to simulate a pendulum. You can play with the parameters of the pendulum in the code. You can even change the way gravity works!