Teaching material for Scratch from redware research limited

Here is a site with lots of excellent material that can be used for learning about and teaching Scratch

“These pages provide resources for parents, teachers, and computer club facilitators to structure the learning experience for children as young as seven years old to begin programming in Scratch. We have used videos as a direct method of communication for learning scratch and you are free to download and install this site on your local server if you do not have internet access in the classroom.”

Thanks to Stamati Crook of Redware Research Limited for putting together this resource.

NXT2excel, a pc utility that allows one to send data from a NXT program to excel over BlueTooth


NXT2excel runs on the pc. It initiates a BlueTooth connection with a NXT and writes data it receives from the NXT to an excel spreadsheet. This allows the user to examine or process the data. Users can automate the processing of the data with the use of a previously built worksheet. This makes it possible to have treal time graphs.