Collection of line followers from NXTLOG

I went through the list of line followers and found some interesting ones:


VosSniff – The 10 Minute Line Follower!

It uses a motor on the light sensor and “sniffs” from side to side.


Simple Line Follower (Calibrate)

Has a My Block to calibrate. Otherwise uses standard method. Does point out that where the light sensor is relative to the motors has a significant effect on how well it works!


Tribot Line Follower Program

Says it can do 90 degree turns


Super Accurate line follower – I haven’t tried it yet.

Uses very short duration turns while following.


LFR V1.0 – building steps

Program looks sophisticated compared to others. Need to look at it some more.


Beastly Line Follower

Also has light sensor far from the motors.



Very simple program. Does not use switch structure!


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