Image processing applications

If you want to do an image processing lesson, you might want to do a CSI-like activity. Here is a great article on forensics and the tools they use. The example of matching foot prints is interesting. I did a lesson like that once. I gave the students a set of possible matches for shoe prints. I also gave them the crime scene foot print and they had to use image processing techniques to see if they could find the match! It was pretty good. It’s hard to find the right balance between making it too hard or too easy that you can eyeball it.


One response to “Image processing applications

  1. Hi:) I teach a “computer science” class for a Science Institute that teaches elementary aged kids hands on science. I am looking for fun ideas to teach kids software like MS Word, Photoshop, Flash. I came across your post and I loved the idea of having kids use a program to help solve a crime. I would love to know more about what programs you used in your lesson and what features of the program they had to learn about when analyzing the footprint. And most importantly, how did you make the original crime scene footprint – was this something you just took a picture of? Thanks for the ideas and hope to hear from you!

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