Create Flassh Movies with this Free Windows App

One of the most popular ways to create animation effects on a web site is to use Flash. The official method for creating a Flash movie, ie a .SWF file, is to use Adobe’s software. But it’s difficult to use, and very expensive.

Giotto, from Vectorian, is a free Windows program for creating .SWF files. You can get it from, where you’ll also find a Quick Start guide and a collection of tutorials to help you get started with the program. There are also loads of pre-built effects and ActionScript snippets, so you don’t have to write any code.

Giotto is an 8 MB download, and runs on all versions of Windows from 2000 onwards.

WatchKnow – free educational videos – computer technology

This category concerns computers, the use of computer applications, computer programming, the Internet, and other computer-related topics taught in schools. It also concerns computer peripherals. Please remember that this is meant to be a resource for school students and should not have information beyond what is actually taught or studied at that level. Also note that the history of technology, invention, and innovation belongs under History, not here.

Guide to Computer Training

Guide to Computer Training is the perfect starting out point for any aspiring information technology or computer science professional. We work with distance learning programs as well as traditional universities. Our goal is to help aspiring professionals by providing them with best information for online computer training, computer science degrees, and computer courses.


The Essential Guide to Free Educational Software

Teachers and parents are increasingly motivated to utilize technology to help their students succeed. Thanks to the Internet, more and more resources are available to keep you prepared to help your students learn in interesting and significantly helpful ways. It’s time to make technophobia a thing of the past!

Here is a list that contains 42 of the best examples of free educational software on the web. Take advantage of these resources and you’ll not only sharpen your skills, but also benefit your students as well.


Build IT

Build IT is an after school and summer
youth-based curriculum for under served middle school girls to
develop information technology (IT) fluency, interest in mathematics,
and knowledge of IT careers.  In Unit 5 of the curriculum,
Collaborative Game Design and Troubleshooting, the girls use
Stagecast Creator to learn IT skills such as object-oriented
programming, collaboration, and leadership in teams.

The Build IT materials, developed and co-owned by SRI International
and Girls Incorporated of Alameda County (Girls Inc.), are available
to educators and youth development facilitators.  Build IT was
supported by funds from the National Science Foundation and the Noyce