PythonAnywhere to write Python without installing anything locally

While it is beta, it is free. They provide space and you can use it to collaborate.

Kids learn computer programming at Hack the Future Read more:

Dozens of school-age kids gathered at the Tech Museum in downtown San Jose on Saturday for a day of hacking. Armed with laptop computers, the youngsters hunkered down around tables, and in bean-bag chairs on the floor, to learn from a team of veteran hackers, most of them young engineers at Silicon Valley startups.

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Excellent Lego Robotic Arm

The GBC (or Great Ball Contraption) has always been a favorite of mine. It’s something I helped start, and has been embraced the world over. Recently there’s been a new series of videos by YouTube user akiyuki showing some amazing mechanical solutions, but one just popped up that shows a robotic arm (driven by an NXT) that is simply amazing to watch: