Sound Thinking course at U of Mass – Lowell

This course makes use of Scratch to learn about digital audio. Maybe advanced for kids but some of the material might be modified for young people.

From the site:
What is sound? How do we capture it, manipulate it, and harness it in the digital world? The field for multimedia applications is expanding, creating new challenges for artists, technologists, and educators as well as consumers.

This course explores the intersection of the arts with technology through the art and science of digital audio. The specific applications to be examined are chosen based on their abilities to promote creative expression and exploration. We also consider the underlying code that allows these programs to run and function.

This course uses a learner-centered approach that emphasizes project-based experiences. It provides students with multiple opportunities to explore, create, and solve problems with music technology. The concept of collaboration is integral to this course. As the workforce moves to a more collaborative structure, it is important that students learn to work in groups with others who may not share their skill sets and levels of expertise, and that they gain experience in problem-solving the myriad issues that arise when using technology.


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