Confidence boosting activities for females interested in computing

Some young women who are interested in computers and engineering were having confidence issues. I asked a very successful female software engineer if she could offer some advice. Here is her reply.

‘Also, the College of Wooster hosts a cool summer camp called B-WISER (Buckeye Women In Science, Engineering, and Research Institute) every year: Although it sounds like the girls don’t fit the age for this camp, the site might provide other resources for them. And another thing to consider… maybe they could volunteer to help be advisors at the camp?! I can say from personal experience that it has helped build my confidence that women CAN do engineering (perhaps even a bit subconsciously), by helping young women realize this. I was a camp advisor during the summer after my first year in college, and it was a lot of fun! I would highly recommend this experience. Another similar camp is called Women in Science, hosted by BGSU. Our Camp Aerospace team participated by hosting an activity station at this one-day field trip camp in 2010. Again, they don’t fit the age requirement, but perhaps could volunteer to help at the camp? Another good experience. If they want additional information about the WIS camp, they can contact Kelly Cusack ( “


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