Facebook Message: Girls, Too, Can Do Computers

From the Seattle Times (03/11/12) Brier Dudley


Facebook is working to draw more women into the information technology industry. “I am quite hopeful that Facebook can do something to turn the tide–that we have enough cultural influence at this point that we can influence the next generation of teenage girls to consider computer science,” says Facebook’s Jocelyn Goldfein, who is working on features such as news feeds and photo and video services. Goldfein says she is an example of what women can achieve in today’s tech industry, being one of about a dozen directors, including two women, who collectively handle engineering for Facebook. “I think the biggest thing you need to do for all girls … is have role models out there,” she says. “Teenage girls are using Facebook, and so I think it’s meaningful for them to hear about women engineers working at Facebook.” Although Goldfein says it could take generations for women to make up 50 percent of computer science majors, it is possible. “Considering that women are 60 percent of undergrad degrees these days, I’m really looking for a 60-40 representation to be proportional,” she says


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