Microcontroller LaunchPad Evaluation Kits from Texas Instruments


From the Website:

LaunchPads are microcontroller development kits from Texas Instruments. They come in a variety of flavors to address your various project needs. All LaunchPad kits include everything you need to begin developing applications in minutes, priced from $9.99 to $19.99. That’s right – Blink LEDs and spin motors, all for less than $20.

NCLab offers K-12 teachers free access to course



The NCLab team just released a new version of the visual programming course Adventures of Karel the Robot. The new edition has beautiful graphics, new games, improved autograding, and student progress tracking.

The course is suitable for grades 4 and up. It begins from zero and leads all the way to custom commands, variables, Python lists, and recursion. It teaches algorithmic thinking and prepares students for a smooth transition to Python programming. More details about the course and sample screenshots can be found at https://nclab.com/karel-story/.

K-12 teachers may request free access to the course by filling a simple online form at https://nclab.com/freeaccess/.


Pavel Solin
Associate Professor
Department of Math & Stat
University of Nevada, Reno
on behalf of the NCLab Team

Microsoft Research launches Code Hunt, an educational Web game for learning programming


“Microsoft Research today launched Code Hunt, a browser-based game for anyone interested in learning how to code by playing. The premise is straightforward: the player must write code to advance in the game.”