Code Kingdoms: Learn to code by building and sharing coded kingdoms with friends


Code Kingdomswants to inspire kids to learn one of the essential creative skills of the 21st Century – coding.

We want kids to have the freedom to have fun and be creative with code, so we built a game that enables just that. In Code Kingdoms, kids build and protect their own worlds and share them with friends.

All kids in UK schools are now expected to learn to code. We believe games are a highly effective platform for learning to code because kids relate to them. Of the thousands of kids we worked with to develop Code Kingdoms, a great number said they wanted to use code to build their own games.

How To Introduce a 7-Year-Old To Programming?

From Slashdot:

I’m a professional programmer and have been programming since I was a small boy. I want to introduce this to my 7-year-son but know nothing about teaching this to children. Since he enjoys Roblox and Minecraft very much, and knows how to use computers already, I suspect teaching him to write his own small games would be a good starting point. I’m aware of lists like this one, but it’s quite overwhelming. There are so many choices that I am overwhelmed where to start. Anyone in the Slashdot in the community have recent hands-on experience with such tools/systems that he/she would recommend?