Conway’s Game of Life and Cellular Automata

Conway’s game of life is always a fun thing to show kids learning about computer science.

Here is a nice, simple applet to play around with the Game of Life

Another good one:

If you really want to keep up with the world of GoL:

An epidemic simulator

Here’s a simple ant colony simulator:

breve: a 3d Simulation Environment for Multi-Agent Simulations and Artificial Life

breve is a free, open-source software package which makes it easy to build 3D simulations of multi-agent systems and artificial life. Users define the behaviors of agents in a 3D world and observe how they interact. Agents behaviors can be written in Python, or using a simple scripting language called “steve”. breve includes physical simulation and collision detection so you can simulate realistic creatures, and an OpenGL display engine so you can visualize your simulated worlds.

breve is available for Mac OS X, Linux and Windows

Artificial Life through Java Examples

From the Generation 5 Web site, a high quality set of notes and applets.

“his article will present several well-known, simple cellular automata along with example Java applets. The cellular automata we will look at include Langton’s Ants, Conway’s Life, Conway’s Self-replicated Loop, Wolfram’s one-dimensional automata and Termites.”

PlantStudio Botanical Illustration Software

PlantStudio Botanical Illustration Software is a tool for creating 3D plant models and 2D illustrations. PlantStudio simulates herbaceous (non-woody) plants like wildflowers and cut flowers, vegetables, weeds, grasses, and herbs using a parameter-driven simulation of plant growth and structure. You can “grow” plants over their life cycles, producing lifelike images at any age. You can design, animate and breed a wide variety of plants. By using the “evolutionary arts” of variation and selection in the plant breeder, you can quickly and easily create whole families of unique plants for your 3D scenes.

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