LogicBlocks from SparkFun


LogicBlocks from SparkFun looks like a great kit to use to teach logic to students. Here is a set of pages that talk about using the kit. 

Counting in Binary


This module uses a combination of discussion and participant involvement to learn about the differences between analog and binary representations of information. Since computers use a binary numbering system, participants learn how to count in binary.

The goal of this activity is to illustrate the basics of working with the binary numbering system.

Wolfram Demonstrations Project – High School Computer Science


You can view these interactive demonstrations using the free Mathematica Player.

Here is a good one that shows how computers can model physical systems:


Binary and Communication Systems


The purpose of this activity is to introduce students to the concept of binary coding as a language and its practical applications in digital and communication systems.This project is intended to give students a deeper appreciation for communication systems and an understanding of how binary symbols are used to transmit information.