qCraft: Quantum Physics in Minecraft!


Google has created  a Minecraft modpack called qCraft. It lets players experiment with quantum behaviors inside Minecraft’s world, with new blocks that exhibit quantum entanglement, superposition, and observer dependency. 

Python Game Book


The Python Game Book is a free creative-commons licensed multilingual dokuwiki book written by Horst JENS (mostly) and friends. By registering (free) you can edit and create pages in this wiki.

The Python Game Book aims to provide interested students and teachers a broad range of material to teach themselves how to write computer games using the language Python and other free Open Source tools.

Developer Junior


“If you’re a kid born to be a game developer or a tech guru, Developer Junior is for you. This video series stars Joey deVilla and Junior, a fast-talking skater kid, who use Microsoft tools to teach kids to program. Learn to build your own web site, edit video, develop your own videogames, program your own software and more.
This show is funded by and co-produced with Microsoft.”