Image processing applications

If you want to do an image processing lesson, you might want to do a CSI-like activity. Here is a great article on forensics and the tools they use. The example of matching foot prints is interesting. I did a lesson like that once. I gave the students a set of possible matches for shoe prints. I also gave them the crime scene foot print and they had to use image processing techniques to see if they could find the match! It was pretty good. It’s hard to find the right balance between making it too hard or too easy that you can eyeball it.

Robotic Machine Vision Software

RoboRealm® is an application for use in computer vision, image analysis, and robotic vision systems. Using an easy point and click interface RoboRealm simplifies vision programming! Using an inexpensive USB webcam and the PC you already have you can now add machine vision to your robotic projects!

This only costs $89 so it could be used for educational purposes.

Lego NXT Ball Picker

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