NCLab is a public cloud computing platform for K-12 schools

NCLab is a public cloud computing platform for K-12 schools and homeschoolers, that provides engaging self-paced interactive courses in various STEM subjects.

The electrostatics elasticity modules look interesting!

Warning. Some of the content is not free.



Web-based tools illustrating basic concepts and algorithms of scientific computing


The interactive educational modules on this site assist in learning basic concepts and algorithms of scientific computing., Each module is a Java applet that is accessible through a web browser., For each applet,  you can select problem data and algorithm choices interactively and then receive immediate feedback on the results,  both numerically and graphically.

What’s My Model?

“Students will investigate several different regression models and determine which of the models makes the most sense, based upon a real-world situation (cooling a cup of hot chocolate).”

This is geared for TI calculators but the idea could be used for applications on computers also.

Fractal Science Kit

The Fractal Science Kit is a program to explore a mathematical object called a fractal. The term fractal was coined by Benoit Mandelbrot in 1975 in his book Fractals: Form, Chance, and Dimension. In 1979, while studying the Julia set, Mandelbrot discovered what is now called the Mandelbrot set and inspired a generation of mathematicians and computer programmers in the study of fractals and fractal geometry.

It does cost $49.95 but it looks good!