What It Takes to Be Great article


“Research now shows that the lack of natural talent is irrelevant to great success. The secret? Painful and demanding practice and hard work”

explicitly intended to improve performance, that reaches for objectives just beyond one’s level of competence, provides feedback on results and involves high levels of repetition

Makes some great points about the proper kind of hard work:

  • explicitly intended to improve performance
  • reaches for objectives just beyond one’s level of competence
  • provides feedback on results
  • involves high levels of repetition
  • Consistency is crucia

Elementary School Level Projects


Phil Firsenbaum has contributed some projects designed by 5th graders in New York.

BJ Allen-Conn has used Squeak as part of her math and science curriculum with her 4th and 5th grade students at the Open Charter School in Los Angeles for two years. Her classroom has been a lab for the Squeak development team. In the Spring of 2000, 21 of BJ’s students created a variety of simulations using Squeak. This year, BJ has chosen to have all 64 of her students use Squeak for the entire school year.