Computer Science Teacher – Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

A blog created by a computer science teacher. It seems to be updated very regularly!

Blogs By and For High School Computer Science Teachers

A list of blogs maintained by high school computer science teachers. Should be worth following.

More resources for teaching Scratch

1. – A forum for educators using Scratch. Lots of good thoughts here.

2. – intro videos on the main Scratch site. All of them are good and not too long.

3. – Designing Animations and Games – A Creative Introduction to Programming ( translated from German )

4. – some simple on page exercises to get them started

5. Basic programming concepts and example code demonstrating them. 3 pages.

6. – loads of terrific video tutorials showing concepts and projects

Some ideas for projects:

1. Animate your name

2. Make an object dance

Sample projects I noticed:

1. – simulate gravity and a ball

2. – PacMan !

3. – Simple moon lander

4. – check out the galleries