Computer Science Teacher – Thoughts and Information from Alfred Thompson

A blog created by a computer science teacher. It seems to be updated very regularly!


Blogs By and For High School Computer Science Teachers

A list of blogs maintained by high school computer science teachers. Should be worth following.

More resources for teaching Scratch

1. – A forum for educators using Scratch. Lots of good thoughts here.

2. – intro videos on the main Scratch site. All of them are good and not too long.

3. – Designing Animations and Games – A Creative Introduction to Programming ( translated from German )

4. – some simple on page exercises to get them started

5. Basic programming concepts and example code demonstrating them. 3 pages.

6. – loads of terrific video tutorials showing concepts and projects

Some ideas for projects:

1. Animate your name

2. Make an object dance

Sample projects I noticed:

1. – simulate gravity and a ball

2. – PacMan !

3. – Simple moon lander

4. – check out the galleries


Scratch resources

Here are some resources for use when teaching Scratch.

Some sample programs written by Kevin and Abe Karplus

2. – very good intro to Scratch by David Malan


Good history of robots book

Robots: From Science Fiction To Technological Revolution

Large book with lots photos. Looks very good!


Pleo review,2704,2229235,00.asp

PCMag has one of the first reviews of the new robotic dinosaur


Toyota has unveiled [1]a robot that can play the violin

A very impressive demo of a violin playing robot!