NOVA Special on Fractals

There is a NOVA episode on fractals!

Produced and directed by Emmy- and Peabody Award-winning filmmakers Michael Schwarz and Bill Jersey, the documentary weaves cutting-edge research from the front lines of science into a compelling mathematical detective story. The film introduces a number of distinguished individuals who have used fractal geometry to transform their fields, like Loren Carpenter, who created the first completely computer-generated sequence in a movie.

Chatterbox Challenge

A recent challenge amongst chatterboxes:

Here is some info on some of the bots. Could be used as a fun activity to look at AI.

1. Here’s a downloadable chatterbox called Artemis :

2.Another one called RoboMatic X1 looks really interesting!

3. A Web-based chatterbox, Azureon:

4. Brother Jerome is a highly regarded chatterbox. It is fun but slow. . It has an impressive list of features

Here is another list of bots: