A 1953 training film for a mechanical fire control computer aboard Navy Ships


Pretty interesting how they did all those calculations with mechanical devices !

Thanks to @3Dmattias for pointing this out to me.

Guest Speakers in Computer Science


From Skype!

“We have smart, passionate and engaging tech industry professionals who would love to talk to your class about their jobs. Whether it’s career education or just understanding the different roles available in technology, we are here to help you find the right people to inspire your students.”



“Computational thinking has received considerable attention over the past several years, but there are many perspectives on what computational thinking entails. We are interested in the ways that design-based learning activities — in particular, programming interactive media — support the development of computational thinking in young people. This site and its collection of instruments are designed for K-12 educators and researchers interested in supporting and assessing the development of computational thinking through programming. “