NXT Wiki


From his site:

“The NXT-Wiki began life initially as a means of easily accessing my repository of Mindstorms NXT Data in an orderly & timely manor. I decide after some trial an error to use a the MediaWiki Engine, running on my home Webserver, which I use for testing the websites I’m developing. As the NXT-Wiki began to grow, I decide that other NXT users may find the resource useful themselves. I then transferred the NXT-Wiki to my Live Hosting Server for everyone to access”


The Raspberry Pi Education Manual


From the manual itself:

“When we wrote this manual, our aim was for it to be suitable for most people of eight years and older. But that doesn’t mean it’s for eight year olds. This book is for anyone and everyone who is curious to know more about computing and creating computer programs. If you don’t have computer-programming experience but you want to get some and you’re looking for a place to start, this is it. We begin the manual with some relatively easy experiments in computer science. Things then get progressively more challenging with each successive exercise. Try to spend time with each experiment and, once you’ve got an exercise doing what the manual says it should, feel free to change the code to see what happens: it’s one of the best ways to learn.”

It is very well done!!

Covers Scratch, Python, the Linux command line and more!