NextGen Education & Research Robotics Virtual Summit

The NextGen Education & Research Robotics Virtual Summit will focus on the implementation of robotics to accelerate learning in such vital subject areas as science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) among K-12 and college-level students. The appeal of robots and robotics technology among children and young adults is well known. And since robots represent a practical application of key principles in physics, computer science, engineering, and mathematics, educators have discovered they can use robotics technology as a way to teach and dramatically illustrate critical concepts within each of these disciplines. Forecasts show that robotics education will shortly become commonplace in K12 and college classrooms throughout the industrialized world – both as a subject unto itself and as a means of giving students the skills needed to compete in today’s global technology workforce.
The NextGen Education & Research Robotics Virtual Summit offers a rare and important opportunity for leading educators, government representatives, and others attending to share their experiences, results and ideas for robotics and its invaluable applications within STEM education. The program will showcase leading solution providers whose products and services target the educational robotics market.

Planet H99 – Online robotics activity

“We invite you to explore Planet H99 using your programming skills and our virtual robots! We’ve developed lots of training materials to get you started and keep you going. Eventually, your job will be to program the robots to perform the many tasks necessary to sustain the colony here on H99 and any other emergencies that may pop up! But for now, explore and enjoy the wonderful world of Planet H99!”