Modeling and Simulating NASA’s Launch Abort System—A-Compilation-of-Contemporary-and-Emerging-Technologies/r1/section/13.4/Modeling-and-Simulating-NASA%2527s-Launch-Abort-System-%253A%253Aof%253A%253A-21st-Century-Physics—A-Compilation-of-Contemporary-and-Emerging-Technologies/

A nice discussion on Modeling and Simulating NASA’s Launch Abort System. Includes a link to an Etoys implementation that students can play with.


A UK network of volunteer-led after school coding clubs for children aged 9-11

Volunteers run Code Clubs at local schools. Primary schools host Code Clubs, once a week. Kids attend once a week and learn the basics of coding.   Code Club helps volunteers and schools find each other then creates and provides projects for volunteers to teach at club sessions.  

They say that the site will have Scratch lessons by the end of August 2012. – online environment for interactively exploring programming languages

It is an online environment for interactively exploring programming languages. The name comes from the read-eval-print loop, the interactive toplevel used by languages like Lisp and Python.

All code processed by runs entirely on your computer, with no server-side evaluation. It uses language interpreters written in JavaScript to execute your code and keep track of state

Kahn Academy Computer Science section

Kahn Academy has a section on computer science that is incredible. It uses JavaScript and the Processing library to teach programming from the basics to some advanced topics. 
The best part is that it combines a video tutorial with an interactive editor that is just fantastic. Here are some examples of that