The Chatterbox Challenge

“The Chatterbox Challenge (CBC) is an annual contest which starts in mid March that allow any chatbot developer to participate and evaluate the intelligence of the chatbot through turing tests and much more. It is a really fun, simple and inclusive way for all children to practise their speech and language skills, it will be also interesting and amazing for anyone who wants to chat with the best chatbots”

I like it because it shows students what the state of the art is for chat bots and AI.


Computer Science for Kids book

“Computer Science For Kids was designed to introduce the basics concepts of computer sciences to kids who are starting to learn about computers at school or at home”

There’s a free low res PDF version. You can buy a hard bound copy for $17, which seems like a lot for a 34 page book!


Pynguin for beginning programmers

Pynguin is a unified editor, interactive console, and graphics display area written using Python and the PyQt toolkit.

Pynguin is meant to be an easy environment for introducing programming concepts to beginning programmers.


Good simple exercises for students

Here are some nice simple examples that also show the kinds of things you can do with programming. This site uses Python.

Note that the solutions are not given!


Good notes for introducing programming

I like some of the bullets on this page for introducing programming to new programmers.

Advertisements Python course

Some good Python lessons and resources.