From the site, here is description of this commercial app. It costs $50.

Phrogram is a great way to get started and go further in learning and doing real computer programming. Beginners get a solid foundation and intermediate to advanced users take their skills far beyond what other learning-oriented programming environments can offer. With Phrogram, you can create games and other programs with just a few instructions. Making programs do more with less code leads to faster results and more fun.


Marsha Ratzel’s blog on teaching techie

A very well written and frequently updated blog where a teacher experiments with technology when teaching her students. Includes sections on robotics.


Lots of interesting NXT Projects!

This site has many interesting projects and the building instructions are very detailed.
Here are some very good ones:

1. Line Follower
2. Inch Worm
3. NXT Explorer – the best!


Tool for making games

I nice summary of all the tools you can use to make games.


Computer Science Unplugged Video

Tim Bell, one of the authors of the book Computer Science Unplugged gives a talk about the book and his work.


Why Johnny Can’t Program blog

A blog posting about what tools and languages to use for teaching programming kids. There are lots of good comments.